Video: Three MBC survivors paddle in Peterbourgh in the Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Festival Peterbourgh, Ontario Canada, 2010

The event, which included 75 breast cancer survivor dragon boat teams from 7 countries (Australia. Canada, England, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa and The United States) was an unprecedented success.  For the first time in the history of the International Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Festivals, three male breast cancer survivors paddled in the Peterbourgh event:

  • Casey Hoogeveen, a six year survivor paddling with Breasts Ahoy from Saint John New Brunswick, Canada
  • Bob Lawton, an eight year survivor paddling with Dragons Abreast, Sydney from Sydney, Australia
  • Herb Wagner, a five year survivor paddling with Canadians Abreast – Messengers. of Hope, from Woodstock Ontario/Brooksville/Florida

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