On December 9 2016, I presented a poster entitled “Male Breast Cancer – Infusing a Little Blue into the Sea of Pink” at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in San Antonio Texas.  The poster was very well received including this follow-up:

·        “Dear Mr Wagner. My colleagues visited breast cancer congresses in Amsterdam and Texas where you presented your posters about Male Breast Cancer and send me your contact information. I am a researcher for the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam and UMC Utrecht Cancer Center in the Netherlands. My research project is also about male breast cancer: the development of an online information portal (website) for male breast cancer patients, health care professionals and researchers. I have attached the poster I presented with preliminary results during the IPOS congress in Dublin in October. I read the book Male Breast Cancer of John Boyages. Our website is not yet online.  Next year we will launch the website. Maybe I can make a link to your website? Kind regards,  Tom Bootsma, researcher”.  I will be visiting both facilities in the Spring of 2017.