Can MBC Be Prevented ?

Currently, breast cancer can not be prevented in men or in women.  However, EARLY DETECTION and minimizing the associated risk factors for developing male breast cancer (MBC) are the best ways to ensure successful treatment for MBC.  Since MBC only accounts for approximately1% of all reported breast cancer cases, it is unlikely that a general screening will provide a great benefit to the overall male population.

Men must be aware and stay informed that breast cancer is a disease that also affects them.  It is crucial for men to seek medical attention whenever a change in the normal breast is discovered.

Men At Risk For Developing MBC

Men with a high incidence of family breast cancer or that have tested positive for the BRCA mutations have an increased risk for developing MBC.  Mammograms and proper self breast examinations are essential for early detection.

Genetic Testing For BRCA Mutations

Genetic testing offers men who are at high risk for developing MBC the opportunity to determine if they have inherited the mutated BRCA gene.  Prior to genetic testing, the patient should seek advice from a qualified genetic counselor in order to fully understand the complexity of the information associated with the results.  There can be a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity involved in genetic testing and what the results may mean for other family members.  Once this test is completed, patients and their associated medical team can begin screening for early signs of MBC. 

         I have two daughters and no family history of breast cancer, so it was very important for me to determine if I carried the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations.  Fortunately, my results were negative.  However, it was still recommended that my daughters start a baseline mammogram at the ages of 31-32, because they are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer.