Michael Colvan

March 2017

Response to our Male Breast Cancer Facebook page post

It’s needed as sometimes I feel I am drowning is a sea of pink


Roxanne Cherverak

March 2017

Thank you! For there’s so little awareness for male breast cancer I know for we my husband was diagnosed just this past December I was completely in shock…So far treatment working, doing a lot of praying! Thanks again! Best wishes and prayers

Tom Bootsman

December 2016

Response to SABCS poster.

“Dear Mr Wagner. My colleagues visited breast cancer congresses in Amsterdam and Texas where you presented your posters about Male Breast Cancer and send me your contact information. I am a researcher for the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam and UMC Utrecht Cancer Center in the Netherlands. My research project is also about male breast cancer: the development of an online information portal (website) for male breast cancer patients, health care professionals and researchers. I have attached the poster I presented with preliminary results during the IPOS congress in Dublin in October. I read the book Male Breast Cancer of John Boyages. Our website is not yet online.  Next year we will launch the website. Maybe I can make a link to your website? Kind regards, Tom Bootsman, researcher”

Daryl Lee Hale (American Breast Cancer Foundation)

October 2016

John and I were interviewed for an article on MBC written by the American Breast Cancer Foundation (Daryl Lee Hale) which was published on December 19, 2016 http://www.futureofpersonalhealth.com/prevention-and-treatment/out-of-the-blue-male-breast-cancer-in-a-pink-world

  • “I also am working on updating our website to include more up-to-date information regarding male breast cancer. I would love to use some of the information from your site and I just want to make sure that is ok? I would, of course, reference your site and include a url”.


October 10, 2016

I like this website – its so useful and helpful.


Natalie Pellerin

October 9, 2016 

Looking good Herb, and you are doing a great, great job with your awareness program for Male Breast Cancer!

 Posted on our Facebook page



Doug Hardy

June 2016

I am a 63 year old retired physician in Ottawa Canada.
In October 2007 at age 55, I found a lump on my chest wall. The result was infiltrating lobular carcinoma with focal perineural infiltration. Right Mastectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy January 2008 – 3m grade 2 invasive lobular carcinoma, estrogen and progesterone receptors positive. HER-2 negative, lymph nodes negative
Years later I discovered this website and spoke to Herb Wagner. He said he never met a man who tolerated the tamoxifen a whole 5 years without experiencing some of the major side effects. My oncologist was good but she had limited experience with MBC. I was fine on no treatment and was discharged from follow up in late 2013.
In 2014 follow up showed widespread bony mets of Thoracic spine. I had a good cry in my chiros office when he read me the bad news. I knew it was a death sentence for me. Going back to the same oncologist, I was given 2-3 years to live.
I firmly believe that had I chosen Arimidex over tamoxifen initially I would have another 10 years without recurrence. I did end up on Arimidex in 2014 with no side effects.
And you need a good support system to fight cancer. So I wish I had found Herb Wagner at www.malebreastcancer.ca in 2008. Possibly the website was not quite up in early 2008? And I would still be taking Arimidex with good health.

Eric van Gestel


Hi Herb,

Thanks for all you do!

Eric van Gestel
August 2016


Andrew Dubois


I give a single cautionary tale about MBC out over the internet and  now I am bombarded by tweets.  I even saw 40 guys bare to the waist flaunting the scars.  Thanks to your efforts, I have spent time spreading MBC awareness.   I have 2 grandsons that are the lights of my life born ’12 and ’14.  Seven yrs exactly since my surgery.  MBC awareness has become a subject that can be talked about in polite society.   Have a good summer.  Andy

Bonnie Baker


I love your website; thanks for creating it. I hope you do not mind that I created a link to it from my company’s website “Links” page (www.LymphedemaDepot.com), and also shared the link via our facebook page. Not enough information or support is out there for MBC patients/survivors… it’s ironic, since female breast cancer awareness has risen to the highest level of visibility and awareness among cancers. Keep up the great work!

Jeffrey Pearce


Very informative site. Thank you! Tomorrow I have a mammogram scheduled to check for cancer. I am not as upset as I was before visiting you site.

Judy West


As a 19 year breast cancer survivor and dragon boat paddler, I participated in the International BC dragon boat festival in Peterbourgh, Ontario in June 2010. I was in the audience and heard you speak about your journey with breast cancer. My husband was at that time undergoing tests for a limp in his breast and I spoke with you briefly following your address. Fortunately it appears that he does not have BC but will be undergoing a further mammogram next month. We have linked your very informative website to our website www.dragondivas.ca. I viewed your very informative website today and extend my thanks to you for providing this very valuable information on male breast cancer.

Opirite Peter-Kio


I did carried out a research on knowledge and perceived susceptibility of men to Breast Cancer in 2008/2009 as my thesis. I am very happy to know that men are making efforts to increase the awareness level

Keep the good fight