Be Positive, Be Active

Everyone’s life, and the lives of their loved ones dramatically changes once a person is diagnosed with cancer.  It is a day that we all remember.  Fortunately for me, on that day, I had a wonderful, understanding surgeon, Dr. Flateau who delivered the news, but then also took the time to fully discuss my options and the potential outcomes for surgery.  Most important was his resolve that I develop and maintain a positive attitude in order to fight this disease.  Knowing that all men are not as fortunate as I have been but that many men do, in fact, survive breast cancer, my mission is also, to emphasize the importance of maintaining a positive attitude.

At times, it has been difficult to remain positive.  Thankfully, my incredible support team has helped me tremendously throughout my journey.  In June 2008, I became involved with the Woodstock Hooters, a breast cancer survivor dragon boat team in Woodstock, Ontario.  In August I joined Canadians Abreast  – Messengers of Hope, the Canadian national breast cancer survivor dragon boat team.  Canadians Abreast was formed in 2003 in order “to raise worldwide awareness of breast cancer and show by example that there can be happy, productive and fun-filled life after breast cancer and to encourage breast cancer survivors to regain control of their lives through sport and physical activity”.  I have befriended and paddled with some of these women and they are fantastically inspirational.

This page has been included on this website as a means to encourage other men to learn from female breast cancer survivors and reinforce the facts that early diagnosis, a positive attitude, physical activity and living each day to the fullest are key factors to increasing our chances for survival.