bg_75j6Peggie D. Sherry, is the founder of Faces of Courage, a non-profit organization located in the Tampa Florida area that offers free camps and events for women and children with cancer and blood illnesses.

Artist Lisa Scholder, collaborated with Peggie Sherry and started painting breast cancer survivors for “Bodies of Courage” as a part of the Arts in Medicine Project.  This project allows breast cancer survivors to see their body as beautiful regardless of the physical scars.  This endeavor promotes healing and peace between the body and mind after the ravages of breast cancer and the resulting images provide inspiration to all that view them.

Click here to view the Faces of Courage:

 Moffitt Cancer Center sponsored the 2012 Bodies of Courage and an event to exhibit some of Lisa Sholder’s artwork.  The response was so overwhelming that we have been asked to put together a Gallery to take on tour by the Oncology Center that has many locations nationwide.

Showings for the Gallery:

1.  Susan Komen Walk for the Cure, Tampa FL Oct. 6th 2012
2. Arts in Medicine showing at Emery Hospital in Atlanta Georgia, October 26, 2012