2nd World Congress on Breast Cancer Co-chaired Session

On September 21st 2016 I had the privilege to co-chair a session entitled Innovative Therapeutic Approaches in Breast Cancer at the second World Congress on Breast Cancer in Phoenix Arizona.

A presentation by Pierre-Yves Desprez from the California Pacific Medical Center entitled “Novel Approach to Target Aggressive Breast Cancer cells using a Cannabis Compound” was very interesting. The abstract stated “We recently determined that the cannabinoid compound, cannabidiol (CBD) inhibited a program controlling tumor cell invasion and proliferation through down regulation of the Id-1 gene expression.  We also discovered the ability of this non-psychoactive, non-toxic, cannabinoid to significant reduce the metastatic spread of aggressive breast cancer calls in vivo.  CBD is now available in medical marijuana dispensaries and is being used by cancer patients who are desperate to try novel approaches to treat their metastatic disease.  Hopefully CBD should become available for clinical trials within the next few years”.

For further information see link below

Pierre Desprez, Ph.D. – Breast Cancer Research

Pierre Desprez, PhD – The main focus is the regulation of normal and cancerous breast epithelial cell phenotypes by helix-loop-helix transcription factors

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