6th World Conference on Breast Cancer

On November 27 2010, I received a request from the World Conference on Breast Cancer Foundation (WCBCF) to submit as abstract to present a talk on male breast cancer (MBC) at the 6th World Conference on Breast Cancer (WCBC) to be held in Hamilton,Ontario from June 7-11, 2011.  The abstract was accepted.

I was very fortunate to have been invited to attend and speak about MBC at the 6th World Conference on Breast Cancer (WCBC) which was held in Hamilton Ontario from June 7-11, 2011.  To see and be part of the work that the WCBCF has done, and is continuing to do for breast cancer survivors’ world-wide was a very unique experience.  For me this was truly an exciting and inspirational event.  While at the conference, I was able to see first hand the tremendous impact the work that the WCNCF does and Scotiabanks’ financial support has directly on women with breast cancer world-wide.  Truly inspirational!   Attending and speaking at the conference was a truly motivating event for me and provided an incredible opportunity for myself to network and for our organization to increase MBC awareness globally.


With WCBCF President Leile Springer


Roommate Igor from Ukraine

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