Eleven years ago (March 2005), I was unaware that men could be diagnosed with breast cancer (MBC) and the internet did not provide a significant amount of information about it.  This website is designed to increase MBC awareness and to provide one on one support from myself, my support team and from other male breast cancer survivors.

We are not experts on MBC, but we have dealt with our own afflictions and situations, from which we hope that we can offer first hand information and support to others.  We have also compiled a significant amount of information that we believe may be useful to share with others.

Any information we provide is not to be considered as medical advice, but as information only and a suggestive guide for dealing with MBC.


For those who may not wish to fill out a “Contact Us” form and would like to speak to me personally, I can be reached at:


352-597-2423 (Florida)

Cell 352-277-6313 (anytime)

Voice mail is available at all numbers.

William Woodfill, a 12 year plus MBC survivor from Wisconsin, USA also offers a telephone support line at 262-820-0856, daily from 7-10pm CT.


If you are a MBC survivor and willing to provide support to others, please contact me so I can include your information in our website.