Exciting new research into #malebreastcancer is being carried out by Beth Herring (@BethCHerring), a PHD student based at the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of West England.  The Centre for Appearance Research is the world’s largest research group focusing on the role of appearance and body image in people’s lives.  The PHD is being supervised by Professor Diana Harcourt (@DianaHarcourt).  Men who have received a diagnosis of breast cancer are invited to complete an online survey. For information go to: https://go.uwe.ac.uk/malebreastcancer

#cancerresearch #menwithcancer

Beth has asked if I could help recruit male breast cancer (MBC) patients/survivors who would be willing to take a few moments from their busy lives to complete the survey.  All MBC studies can only help to improve the journey for men diagnosed with breast cancer.  Thank you for your time.