Michael Colvan

March 2017

Response to our Male Breast Cancer Facebook page post

It’s needed as sometimes I feel I am drowning is a sea of pink


Roxanne Cherverak

March 2017

Thank you! For there’s so little awareness for male breast cancer I know for we my husband was diagnosed just this past December I was completely in shock…So far treatment working, doing a lot of praying! Thanks again! Best wishes and prayers


December 2016

Response to SABCS poster.


Daryl Lee Hale (American Breast Cancer Foundation)

October 2016

John and I were interviewed for an article on MBC written by the American Breast Cancer Foundation (Daryl Lee Hale) which was published on December 19, 2016 http://www.futureofpersonalhealth.com/prevention-and-treatment/out-of-the-blue-male-breast-cancer-in-a-pink-world

  • “I also am working on updating our website to include more up-to-date information regarding male breast cancer. I would love to use some of the information from your site and I just want to make sure that is ok? I would, of course, reference your site and include a url”.


October 10, 2016

I like this website – its so useful and helpful.


Natalie Pellerin

October 9, 2016 

Looking good Herb, and you are doing a great, great job with your awareness program for Male Breast Cancer!

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Doug Hardy

June 2016

I am a 63 year old retired physician in Ottawa Canada.
In October 2007 at age 55, I found a lump on my chest wall. The result was infiltrating lobular carcinoma with focal perineural infiltration. Right Mastectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy January 2008 – 3m grade 2 invasive lobular carcinoma, estrogen and progesterone receptors positive. HER-2 negative, lymph nodes negative
Years later I discovered this website and spoke to Herb Wagner. He said he never met a man who tolerated the tamoxifen a whole 5 years without experiencing some of the major side effects. My oncologist was good but she had limited experience with MBC. I was fine on no treatment and was discharged from follow up in late 2013.
In 2014 follow up showed widespread bony mets of Thoracic spine. I had a good cry in my chiros office when he read me the bad news. I knew it was a death sentence for me. Going back to the same oncologist, I was given 2-3 years to live.
I firmly believe that had I chosen Arimidex over tamoxifen initially I would have another 10 years without recurrence. I did end up on Arimidex in 2014 with no side effects.
And you need a good support system to fight cancer. So I wish I had found Herb Wagner at www.malebreastcancer.ca in 2008. Possibly the website was not quite up in early 2008? And I would still be taking Arimidex with good health.

Eric van Gestel


Hi Herb,

Thanks for all you do!

Eric van Gestel
August 2016


Andrew Dubois


I give a single cautionary tale about MBC out over the internet and  now I am bombarded by tweets.  I even saw 40 guys bare to the waist flaunting the scars.  Thanks to your efforts, I have spent time spreading MBC awareness.   I have 2 grandsons that are the lights of my life born ’12 and ’14.  Seven yrs exactly since my surgery.  MBC awareness has become a subject that can be talked about in polite society.   Have a good summer.  Andy

Bonnie Baker


I love your website; thanks for creating it. I hope you do not mind that I created a link to it from my company’s website “Links” page (www.LymphedemaDepot.com), and also shared the link via our facebook page. Not enough information or support is out there for MBC patients/survivors… it’s ironic, since female breast cancer awareness has risen to the highest level of visibility and awareness among cancers. Keep up the great work!

Jeffrey Pearce


Very informative site. Thank you! Tomorrow I have a mammogram scheduled to check for cancer. I am not as upset as I was before visiting you site.

Judy West


As a 19 year breast cancer survivor and dragon boat paddler, I participated in the International BC dragon boat festival in Peterbourgh, Ontario in June 2010. I was in the audience and heard you speak about your journey with breast cancer. My husband was at that time undergoing tests for a limp in his breast and I spoke with you briefly following your address. Fortunately it appears that he does not have BC but will be undergoing a further mammogram next month. We have linked your very informative website to our website www.dragondivas.ca. I viewed your very informative website today and extend my thanks to you for providing this very valuable information on male breast cancer.

Opirite Peter-Kio


I did carried out a research on knowledge and perceived susceptibility of men to Breast Cancer in 2008/2009 as my thesis. I am very happy to know that men are making efforts to increase the awareness level

Keep the good fight